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unique felted hats and crafts

queen mabs emporium

Queen Mab's Emporium of Magical Handmade Goodes

Dready Princess Design

polymer clay goodies, Fimo dreadlock beads, jewelry, hippie, hemp, millefiori


vintageland, usa....location of all things vintage and pretty
shopname: DreFindsVintage

Fly away Design

This is my etsy site! Here I sell handmade jewelry, knitted goods, and random vintage things.

Pyromancer Designs

unique crafts and jewelry

Vintage VEDIC

old skool India
(spirituality, artifacts, jewelry, handmade, and for crafters -bits, pieces, jewelry parts, )
nature, love, simplicity from my winter home in rural India

Cheryls Custom Crochet

Custom crocheted tams in any size done in colorful tapestry or mosaic crochet. Specializing in tams for long dreads. The method I use makes for a sturdy , yet beautiful piece of artwork for your dreads. When you do cover them up...don't be plain !!

Michael Zapsky

Unique, handmade,dreadlock beads, jewelery, hair accessories, artwork,and door knobs.

The Hippie Hempworks

A hippie couple who creates hemp jewelry as a means to fund their continuing adventures. All items are one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted. Check out our Upcycle Program to get new life out of old jewelry!


Online store for our tiny little herb farm. Nursing necklaces, crafts and herbal goodies

Loving Tree

Homemade clothing, jewelry, dreamcatchers and many other crafts. I love custom orders and spreading my art as far as can be.

Hemp Beadery

Hemp products, twine, cord, beads, hemp jewelry supplies

One Love Pyrography

\"Pyrography\" or the burning of designs on wood. Portrait and custom burns. Various themes. On Etsy and galleries on Face Book

 Happy Hippie Mamas Gems

Custom handmade, hemp jewelry, custom hippie clothing, tie died skirts, hippie shirts, hippie pants, recycled pants made into flare bell bottoms, and/or skirts, gems, pearl jewelry, crocheted tams, crocheted beanies regular and slouch, crocheted baby clothes and accessories, custom wedding decor and jewelry, handmade hippie bags and purses, stash accessories and pillows, dread beads, dread dangles, custom clay beads, dread bands, crocheted bracelets, hair and dread wraps and bracelets. I love to make groovy little things and share them with groovy people that enjoy custom handmade threads and accessories. Hit me up if there is any item you would like customized. I\'m sure I can make it for ya and for a great price if not just for trade ;0) I dig trade ;p Check out the spray paint art too, and let me know if there\'s something that can be doodle up for ya. Peace, love, and gorgeous creations <3

Thready Mamma

I make one of a kind wearable art in the form of patchworks, apron tops, baby doll tops, skirts, dresses, pants, hoodies, barefoot sandals, scarves, head wraps, and hats. Also I do some jewelry with macrame, hemp, beads of all forms. And I do some original art for around the home.

Tashy-Doll's Hats

Handmade, ready created & bespoke, miniature & micro hats, and head pieces.
Every item is a one off.
I use recycled/reclaimed card in all of my designs.


Colourful tie-dyed & bleached clothes. Unique accessories some of which glow in the dark/uv light. All handmade with lots of love.

One Urban Tribe

Shop for hand crafted dreadlock beads, earthy handmade jewelry, and inspired art. One Urban Tribe carries designs with a distinct connection to nature-- a place where the diverse cultures of our earth fuse together to create something beautiful to be worn and treasured for years to come. For more than just your dreads! Find your distinct personal style in a variety of bohemian style and tribal jewelry, Buddhist and spiritual jewelry including mala and prayer beads, fine art, beautiful photography and more.


Handmade dreadlock and hair accessories, including fiber dreadlocks and beads, as well as art quilts and various mixed media arts, bags, and jewelry.

Ajna Creations

Creation is a passion I have always had. My goal is to craft the most natural handmade cosmetics you have yet to use as well as authentic jewelry, and SOON handmade Garments and Hula Hoops! Everything in this store is handmade by Myself with the best intentions and love!<3


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