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a touch of source magic

We specialize in clip in feather extension decorations/accessories, and crocheted and upcycled headbands/dreadbands for dreadlocks and hair, to bring out the hippie, pixie, gypsy, elf, fairy, and rocker in you, as well as a line of healing jewelry

natural mystik mama

natural mystik mama makes dread bands and tams clothing for mommas and kiddies alike

GratefulDan Dye Works

tiedyes colorful beautiful tiedye clothing

Earth Child's Shop

Handmade items! Made from UpCycled, Recycled, ReUsed, or RePurposed when available. Eco-friendly, Mother Nature in Mind. Green as can be! :)


Handmade crochet dreadlock tams, dread wraps, wire wrapped crystal pendants, and other accessories.

Knotty Mama

mostly upcycled patchwork clothes, handmade cedar dread beads

Rasied bedz Grass Root X-tracts

A herbaliciouls site for natural body care. modest Rasta Skirts and Dread Tams and Dread Head bands

Caoimhins Curiosity Corner

We supply dreadlock accessories, beads, cuffs, charms including our own crafted items. We also produce our own tie dye clothing & accessories from baby to adult, as well as alternative jewellery and gift ideas.

Knotty Gal Creations

Handmade hats, tams, headbands, visors, dreadsocks and wraps for all hair lengths and styles, jewelry, hair accessories, bags, clothing, pet and home wares. New items uploaded weekly. Custom items available. Detailed fitting and care instructions for hats on the store FAQ. Up-cycled items made with recycled elements are used whenever possible.

Maroon Dachshund

The Maroon Dachshund (aka The Dox) is the perfect Etsy shop for your handmade and unique crochet accessories or gifts such as scarfs, cowls, beanies and gloves. This shop has trendy winter wear with high quality and that personal touch! Coming soon: Dreadlocks tam, a cute billed cap, a scalloped cowl, more scarfs and fingerless gloves! Look forward to 'em soon!

Four20 Moon shop

tiedyes and jewelry


Hippy Fish

Handmade natural wool Tams & glass bead Peyote sleeves for any occasion! Check out current items or contact me to make a custom design that you envision.

Dreads Clothing Co.

Clothing, Shoes and Apparel inspired by the Dreads Culture...!


Tam hats, slouchy hats, tube hats, dreads hats clothing jewelry

Loving Tree

Homemade clothing, jewelry, dreamcatchers and many other crafts. I love custom orders and spreading my art as far as can be.

EtherealMaterials Tie Dye

Everything you see has been hand made by me (Anna Derovanesian) with high quality procion MX fiber reactive dyes and professional mixing chemicals. Unlike common tie dye kits found at craft stores, the dyes I use produce items that are vibrant, permanent, colorfast, and very washable. I am extremely passionate about creating authentic tie dye pieces that are as durable as they are beautiful. Feel free to contact me for any custom order requests!

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The Dreaded Wolf

I crochet and knit accessories like tams and unique clothes, no one else will have it!

Teknicolor Clothing

Handmade, fair trade psychedelic garments to add a little color to your world! :)


In my shop you can find tribal and festival costumes, upcycled gypsy and hippy skirts, patchwork pants, macrame jewellery...

Gypsy Goddess Art

my hippie shop with macrame dreadlock wraps, beads, sleeves, and other jewelry and accesories.

I want to sell my original t-shirt designs,hoodies and artwork!


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