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dread hats and tams

dread shampoos and soaps

dread beads and decorations


clothes and fashions

arts and crafts

body mods and gauging


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Jewelry shops

hawthorn and pine

hand made beaded jewelry and patchwork bags

sixbabygirls flame touched glass

flameworked glass dread beads , hand made glass bead sets and glass bead jewelry


Gemini Sunshine

Peace! I have crochet tams, crochet earrings and hand painted earrings.


Jan's Eclectibles

Homemade jewelry

NYK-NAKS Hand-Crafted Artisan Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry-steampunk, neo-victorian, semi-precious stones, sterling, brass & copper bracelets, earrings necklaces, hair jewelry

a touch of source magic

We specialize in clip in feather extension decorations/accessories, and crocheted and upcycled headbands/dreadbands for dreadlocks and hair, to bring out the hippie, pixie, gypsy, elf, fairy, and rocker in you, as well as a line of healing jewelry

Caoimhins Curiosity Corner

We supply dreadlock accessories, beads, cuffs, charms including our own crafted items. We also produce our own tie dye clothing & accessories from baby to adult, as well as alternative jewellery and gift ideas.

Knotty Gal Creations

Handmade hats, tams, headbands, visors, dreadsocks and wraps for all hair lengths and styles, jewelry, hair accessories, bags, clothing, pet and home wares. New items uploaded weekly. Custom items available. Detailed fitting and care instructions for hats on the store FAQ. Up-cycled items made with recycled elements are used whenever possible.

Dready Princess Design

polymer clay goodies, Fimo dreadlock beads, jewelry, hippie, hemp, millefiori

Fly away Design

This is my etsy site! Here I sell handmade jewelry, knitted goods, and random vintage things.

Four20 Moon shop

tiedyes and jewelry

Pyromancer Designs

unique crafts and jewelry

Vintage VEDIC

old skool India
(spirituality, artifacts, jewelry, handmade, and for crafters -bits, pieces, jewelry parts, )
nature, love, simplicity from my winter home in rural India


Hand made hair scarves, dread bands, hair jewelry, dread beads.

Sweet Mary Jane's Shoppe

My shop consists of all handmade items. From jewelry to soap all of my items have been created with my two hands. I am currently working on posting more dread items so bear with me.

Abby Haydn's Dreadlock Shop

My shop will sell all kinds of unique tams, beads and all kinds of gems that are a little bit more rarer and artsy that common.


this is where i have all my hand made items i have jsut started doing dread beads and coils.xxxxx hopefully cang get the name changed soon to something a bit more suitable lol.xxxx


Mostly crochet items for dreads and kids. I like to make jewelry from hemp too.

Yashodara handmade jewelry

For ethnic style jewelry and art, felted items and dreadlock accessories

Inspirations by Jade

Unique Wire Work Jewelry, Dread beads and more!



Tam hats, slouchy hats, tube hats, dreads hats clothing jewelry

Bohemian Goddess Creations

I have an eclectic array of items from magical candles to hemp jewelry to dreadlock accessories. I\'m constantly coming up with new creations. I do some custom work but it is limited right now.

Michael Zapsky

Unique, handmade,dreadlock beads, jewelery, hair accessories, artwork,and door knobs.

Lotus Roots Creations

Essence of Love through creativity.Tams and loc charms,earrings, and dread hair accessories. Tshirts,bags, and more!

The Hippie Hempworks

A hippie couple who creates hemp jewelry as a means to fund their continuing adventures. All items are one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted. Check out our Upcycle Program to get new life out of old jewelry!


Online store for our tiny little herb farm. Nursing necklaces, crafts and herbal goodies

Urban Bush Hats

We use quality yarn, we offer natural and organic fibre yarns as well as high end acrylic. All caps and accessories are custom-fitted, and handcrafted.We create CUSTOM made rasta hats, headwraps, tams, crowns, beenies, caps and more. *Unlike other crocheted and knitted hats, fortunately The Urban Bush has no uneven and visible seams in any of their products..."Hey, who wants a hat with a crooked rainbow of colors"?*

Colleen's Jewelry Collection

Colleen'€™s inspiration comes from the beauty of life and nature; she aspires to create jewelry that comes to life when worn, with each piece highlighting every woman'€™s inner beauty.
(Colleen's Jewelry Collection | Handmade Jewelry | Bridal Jewelry | Bohemian Jewelry)

Heatherfish Creations

I started this shop a short time ago and currently have hand carved bone pendants for sale and will soon be adding bone beads, bone gauges, polymer clay gauges and prints. A lot of my items are wire wrapped as well.
I use bones that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Mischievous Stitches

Crochet tams, accessories, hemp jewelry and anime related items.

Sister Rags Road

I create artistically handcrafted ooak wool dreadlocks, extensions, hair tassels, bracelets, anklets.

Vintage Vedic

नमस्ते _/|\\_ vintage & antique collections from India - upcycled prayer beads & gems - nature ॐ love ♥ simplicity ☆ yogic malas, bracelets & prayer beads with gems and sacred woods.

Loving Tree

Homemade clothing, jewelry, dreamcatchers and many other crafts. I love custom orders and spreading my art as far as can be.


A rugged and earthy OOAK Freestyle Pyrographic Dread Bead Collection. Unconventional Nursing Necklaces. Artisan Botanical Salves and Herbal Fusions.

 Happy Hippie Mamas Gems

Custom handmade, hemp jewelry, custom hippie clothing, tie died skirts, hippie shirts, hippie pants, recycled pants made into flare bell bottoms, and/or skirts, gems, pearl jewelry, crocheted tams, crocheted beanies regular and slouch, crocheted baby clothes and accessories, custom wedding decor and jewelry, handmade hippie bags and purses, stash accessories and pillows, dread beads, dread dangles, custom clay beads, dread bands, crocheted bracelets, hair and dread wraps and bracelets. I love to make groovy little things and share them with groovy people that enjoy custom handmade threads and accessories. Hit me up if there is any item you would like customized. I\'m sure I can make it for ya and for a great price if not just for trade ;0) I dig trade ;p Check out the spray paint art too, and let me know if there\'s something that can be doodle up for ya. Peace, love, and gorgeous creations <3

Little Luna Creations

~ Beautiful Handmade Creations ~

Dread Lock Accessories, Hemp Jewelry, Wire Wrapped Jewelry, ect! Also make custom orders and will ship to anywhere in the world!

Earthshine Stoneworks

Creating handmade Agate Jasper and many other varieties of natural stone dread beads and Jewelry.

Lunar Myst Creations

handmade custom jewelry

Eco-Chic Jewelry

I make eco-friendly jewelry using Fair Trade natural beads and un-dyed gemstones. Custom Orders are always welcome!


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