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Dread tams slouchies dreadlocks hats


Hippie Willowtams dreadlocks hats

I sell hand made crochet dreadlock tams, slouchy hats and kids hats. Custom orders welcome.

Dreadie Hats

Unique hand made dreadlocks hats, many styles and colors


The perpetual knitter

Dreadlock hats, tams, slouch hats for adults, toddlers and babies!! All hand knit by me! Custom orders welcome!
shopname: The perpetual knitter


Hippie willows etsy shop hand made crochet dreadlock tams, slouchy hats and kids hats. Custom orders welcome.

Hippy Stuff

funky hippie style dread bands tams hats hand made colorful and fun

dread beads and hats by pippie

pippie makes hand made dread beads and hats at great prices

Gemini Sunshine

Peace! I have crochet tams, crochet earrings and hand painted earrings.

a touch of source magic

We specialize in clip in feather extension decorations/accessories, and crocheted and upcycled headbands/dreadbands for dreadlocks and hair, to bring out the hippie, pixie, gypsy, elf, fairy, and rocker in you, as well as a line of healing jewelry

natural mystik mama

natural mystik mama makes dread bands and tams clothing for mommas and kiddies alike


One stop shop for dreadlock accessories, tams, baggy hats + tubes! UK based, with worldwide shipping.

Rasied bedz Grass Root X-tracts

A herbaliciouls site for natural body care. modest Rasta Skirts and Dread Tams and Dread Head bands

Knotty Gal Creations

Handmade hats, tams, headbands, visors, dreadsocks and wraps for all hair lengths and styles, jewelry, hair accessories, bags, clothing, pet and home wares. New items uploaded weekly. Custom items available. Detailed fitting and care instructions for hats on the store FAQ. Up-cycled items made with recycled elements are used whenever possible.

Maroon Dachshund

The Maroon Dachshund (aka The Dox) is the perfect Etsy shop for your handmade and unique crochet accessories or gifts such as scarfs, cowls, beanies and gloves. This shop has trendy winter wear with high quality and that personal touch! Coming soon: Dreadlocks tam, a cute billed cap, a scalloped cowl, more scarfs and fingerless gloves! Look forward to 'em soon!

Vital Goods

dreadlocks tams hats and shampoos by vital goods


Hand made hair scarves, dread bands, hair jewelry, dread beads.

Unicorns Pride

My shop features fantastic tams, beanies, dread tubes, hair wraps and lots of yummy handmade soaps. Everything a hippie could want and more. Non-hippies are always welcome too.

Cheryls Custom Crochet

Custom crocheted tams in any size done in colorful tapestry or mosaic crochet. Specializing in tams for long dreads. The method I use makes for a sturdy , yet beautiful piece of artwork for your dreads. When you do cover them up...don't be plain !!

Custom knit dreadlock & hippie gear... vegan friendly!

Abby Haydn's Dreadlock Shop

My shop will sell all kinds of unique tams, beads and all kinds of gems that are a little bit more rarer and artsy that common.


Mostly crochet items for dreads and kids. I like to make jewelry from hemp too.

Titillating Turbans

Super Long head wraps for all lengths of hair.
Perfectly fitted with a seam, secure on your head as you wrap.
No slipping!

Long enough to cover and/or wrap long hair, dreads or extensions without a net or braids.
Soft and comfy for any stage of hair loss or growth, including chemo hair loss or alopecia.
shopname: Titillating Turbans


Tam hats, slouchy hats, tube hats, dreads hats clothing jewelry

Swim and Shower Caps by Shop Akua

The store that sells the original \"Capture\" Shower Cap and Sleeping Cap and other products for dreadlocks. Custom made items welcomed. Eco friendly.

Lotus Roots Creations

Essence of Love through creativity.Tams and loc charms,earrings, and dread hair accessories. Tshirts,bags, and more!

Urban Bush Hats

We use quality yarn, we offer natural and organic fibre yarns as well as high end acrylic. All caps and accessories are custom-fitted, and handcrafted.We create CUSTOM made rasta hats, headwraps, tams, crowns, beenies, caps and more. *Unlike other crocheted and knitted hats, fortunately The Urban Bush has no uneven and visible seams in any of their products..."Hey, who wants a hat with a crooked rainbow of colors"?*

Hats for dreadlocks all handmade. Baskets and softies. Most come with beads. Online for a long time selling our dread hats.

Mischievous Stitches

Crochet tams, accessories, hemp jewelry and anime related items.

 Happy Hippie Mamas Gems

Custom handmade, hemp jewelry, custom hippie clothing, tie died skirts, hippie shirts, hippie pants, recycled pants made into flare bell bottoms, and/or skirts, gems, pearl jewelry, crocheted tams, crocheted beanies regular and slouch, crocheted baby clothes and accessories, custom wedding decor and jewelry, handmade hippie bags and purses, stash accessories and pillows, dread beads, dread dangles, custom clay beads, dread bands, crocheted bracelets, hair and dread wraps and bracelets. I love to make groovy little things and share them with groovy people that enjoy custom handmade threads and accessories. Hit me up if there is any item you would like customized. I\'m sure I can make it for ya and for a great price if not just for trade ;0) I dig trade ;p Check out the spray paint art too, and let me know if there\'s something that can be doodle up for ya. Peace, love, and gorgeous creations <3

Hooray 4 LaRae Crochet

Super slouchy, comfortable hand-crocheted beanies. Awesome for throwing over your dreads!

Swimcaps by Fran

Offers XL & XXL size lycra swim caps for those with dreadlocks or very long or thick hair.


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