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Dreadlocks shampoos all natural residue free dreads soaps


Desert Rose Naturals

Desert Rose Naturals are inspired by Nature, Life & Love. We bring Hand-Crafted bits of Nature to you the customer who is looking to care for themselves and the world you live in a better way. DRN Handcrafted Soaps, Butters, & Oils are made with herbs, seeds, flowers, vegetables, fruits, and natural botanical essential oils to provide natural color, aromatherapy, texture, and gentle exfoliation. Many of our Products are enriched with natural emollients such as Shea, Coconut, Grape seed and infused with high quality essential oils. Desert Rose Naturals mission is to use all natural vegan and organic ingredients, to nurture your mind, body & soul. Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to heal your body and relax your mind. Aromatherapy products, which can include aromatherapy essential oils and aromatherapy lotions, soaps and Incense are used to improve your health or to help put you in a better mood. Here at Desert Rose Naturals we use mainly Essential Oils in all our products to help clear the mind and cleanse and heal the body & air for a better you.

All Natural Body Butters
Aromatic Body Oil
Custom Made All Natural Soap
Naturally Scented Incense Stick, Cones & Oils
All Natural Resins & charcoal


Organic dreadlocks shampoo bars good in hard water

Many have had trouble finding a dreadlocks shampoo that works with hard water. Our organic vegan shampoo bars are specially formulated to rinse clean even in hard water. We use all natural organic ingredients and essential oils combined with a specific beer, which helps make it rinse clean in hard water leaving no residues at all.

Maylee's garden vegan soaps

Maylees gardens vegan hand made dread soaps, body bars and vegan laundrey detergents come in a wide variety of amazing scents. These amazing dread soaps have a heavenly smell, leave your dreadlocks clean and soft and smelling wonderful

Terra Smiles

Terra smiles provides a full range of natural soaps deoderants scrobs and beauty products that are all natural healthy and leave your skin nourished and vibrant


UK handmade dreadlock products


Hairitage Hydration is an Atlanta-based company whose mission is to create moisterizing , delicious-smelling soaps, hair butters, shampoos and scrubs that nourish the skin and hair and stimulate the senses. All my products are made with skin and hair loving oils and butters that are meant to give you the softest skin and hair. I use pure, skin-safe essential and fragrance oils to scent my products, and add color and texture with organic herbs and spices, botanicals, mineral pigments, and clays.
shopname: hairitagehydration

My Tangled Knots

Organic, residue-free, foaming, vegan, dreadlock shampoo

Rasied bedz Grass Root X-tracts

A herbaliciouls site for natural body care. modest Rasta Skirts and Dread Tams and Dread Head bands

natural set apart scents

soap bars body oils and butters

Vital Goods

dreadlocks tams hats and shampoos by vital goods

Vital Mother Moon

ultra-natural herbal-based wellness for women and babes. Rastafari Ital (vegan) products including a superior natural locking butter, belly balms, herbal teas. Made from an urban farm in Pittsburgh, PA

Unicorns Pride

My shop features fantastic tams, beanies, dread tubes, hair wraps and lots of yummy handmade soaps. Everything a hippie could want and more. Non-hippies are always welcome too.

Sweet Mary Jane's Shoppe

My shop consists of all handmade items. From jewelry to soap all of my items have been created with my two hands. I am currently working on posting more dread items so bear with me.


I make all natural, vegan, RESIDUE FREE shampoo bars for dreads made with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil and a very small amount of Castor Nut Oil. Also Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vitamin E, Mica and Essential Oils. I would love for you to try one.


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