Wool Dreadlock Tams

Dreadlocks tams and slouchies are hand made and come in wool or other fibers. Custom made items are available and can be made in any color. Hand made crochet tams come in other fibers (acrylic, cotton and exotics available for special order) Dreadlocks tams and slouchy hats in wool help dreads dread. These natural fibers are known to help dreads mature. All of our dreadlock tams and hats are available in any size, color and pattern when custom made. Crochet tams are durable and flexible allowing for dreadlocks growth. Tams and slouchies can fit any length dreads or any size head. Our tams and slouchies are hand made skillfully to last. Tams and slouchies of natural fibers like wool have been worn traditionally when dreading. Naturally these type tams and slouchies have been known to help dreads dread. Tams and slouchies in wool are great for dreads in early stages to help them dread. Tams and slouchies wool or not keep up long dreads to keep you cool. Wool tams and slouchies insulate keeping you warm in winter. but wool tams and slouchies also keep out the heat and dreadlocks up off your back and neck helping to keep cool in the summer. Custom made tams or slouchies can be completed in 3 days or less if supplies are on hand. Exotics might take a week to two. Our aim is to make the best hats we can for you, they are not mass produced, they are made for you with love and attention to detail.

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